Welcome to my page - I am a German graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for cat memes. On here you will find my social links and some insight into my works.

Who I am

Moin, my name is Lisa "Finn" Sonnenschein and I am a queer graphic designer / illustrator who recently moved up North. I have a keen eye for detail, love bold design choices and am quite handy with creative thinking strategies, thanks to my startup roots.I bet I have the best family name ever, think we all should focus more on the present and I wish I was taller.

What I do

Starting at an early age I have always worked with others to ban their creative ideas onto paper - or into pixels. Since then I was fortunate enough to work with brands such as Miltenyi Biotec, the Middlesex University London and univiva.

But enough about me, who are you? Let's connect and see if we can create something awesome together!